Friday, June 22, 2012

Road to Aleppo

I made this bead a while ago, along with  beads from earlier posts, but I have been so
attached to it I didn't want to show it.  Now it is in a gallery, so this is its debut on line.

While I was working on this series of tulips and poppies, with this lovely unpredictable silver glass
base, the middle east was on my mind a lot.   Instead of focusing on the wars, I thought about the often times harsh geology and land of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and then Syria.  And I recalled the discovery of tulips  in the rocky regions of countries like Kazakhstan .  I thought how lovely a tulip or poppy would be by the side of a stoney, dusty road to a place like Aleppo in Syria, and that is what fueled this bead.  It also evokes my passion for the California poppy, one of the few things I miss from home.

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