Monday, April 30, 2012

I guess this is enough pink for one post!  I envision this bead as a suggestion of a perfume bottle.  I wanted to try having the flower stand proud, on top and this bead turned out very pretty and just what I wanted it to be.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Work

 My blog has been languishing in the aether for a while now.  When I get to working on my glass it sometimes moves along so rapidly that I neglect to post photos at all.  Each phase kind of cancels out the previous ones. 

But a lot of nice beads have been made in the last six months and I want to showcase a series from late winter that especially pleases me.  After many false starts on these techniques I finally created some beads worth noting!

I have to give copious credit to many glass artists who share their secrets in on-line tutorials.  The challenge is not so much to learn the "tricks" as to take what we learn to new and personal levels, and that can take some time.  In glass it seems there are always a few glitches, never the same ones, but finally a bead will come out glorious, no chill marks, no uneven surfaces, no smeared flower petals, or discoloration from the silver-laden glass included in the design...and best of all, the colors going into the kiln come back out again just as vibrant, or at least transformed to another acceptable or exciting range of colors.