Monday, March 17, 2008

Traveling Companion

Wild march winds are beckoning me to the pacific North West and I am taking a crow with me.  He, in turn is bearing a sun clutched beneath him, just like he is supposed to, little thief!  over time my little crow will turn many metallic colors due to the reaction of metallic powders on his surface with the pollutants in our air.
And here also are two beads inspired by Jayne of Badger Beads.  I like the one with the diaphanous layer of silver leaf with light iris gold and copper ruby frits, suggesting the shape of a fish's body.  And then of course there is red...who needs to say more!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Today it looks like this..

The air is filled with threats of snow. It is gray and quiet outside. When I was photographing this bead I thought of atmosphere. It has a layer of cirrus glass around its core of Psyche glass. This is exactly the feeling of today, the atmosphere hanging low to the earth, boding of winter remnants, just in case we were to be too hopeful about Spring!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Almost Spring

It is close...the birds are singing more, the air hints at a change.  But the ground here in Maine is still rock hard and more snow is coming.  I am holding my breath waiting until next week when I fly out to Port Townsend, Washington for a master class with Andrea Guarino Slemmons,  another apex point in my career as a student of molten glass.  Meanwhile I am pushing back the shrouds of dark winter with floral beads, waiting like all creatures of the northern hemisphere for more solid evidence of spring.